Located in the N.E coast of the Yucatán Peninsula is the island of Cancún, which sits within the Mexican city of Quintana Roo and the Caribbean Sea.  It is consider as a major destination spot for tourists worldwide as its resort provides several attractions such as beaches, museums, boat tours, restaurants and so much more.

The featured YouTube video shows a high speed video from a tourist that has captured their recent voyage through the island. The tourist recorded his ventures that were taken via way of taxi and boat.  The footage features the bumpy roads. Mexico roads are notorious for having numerous pot holes. The island population has been recorded at 527,000 which don’t include those who visit the popular location.

Facts about Cancún Mexico

  • On older maps Cancún was referred as Kankun which meant “the nest of snakes” in the local Mayan language.
  • A hotel zone was developed in 1970 which today consist of over 27,000 hotels along the freshwaters of Laguna Nichupte. The zone sits on a land that resembles the number seven throughout a 17-mile long stretch of beaches, which is separated from the mainland.
  • It is not recommended that the tap water be consumed in Mexico. Water used at hotels within the tourist zone, is processed through purifications systems and are deemed to be safe for consumption.
  • The majority of restaurants and night club allow visitors to come dressed in casual attire. Due to the tropical weather very few venues require that you follow a formal dress policy.

Dream Resorts Web Cam

Managed under the AMResorts the all-inclusive resort, Dream Resorts is a beachfront resort located in Mexico. Ceremony and Receptions services are available the resort as well as a number of activities such as swimming pools, dance lessons,  yoga, fishing an so much more.

The web cam footage below features two cabanas to the left of the video next to a grouping of beach chairs. Tropical palm trees are lined up along the beach surrounding the water views which can be seen in the center of the footage. The Delphinus Dolphin experience is a popular water activity option allowing visitors to not only view a dolphin show from the balcony which is featured along the left of the footage but tourists are also encouraged to swim with the dolphins. The Delphinus Dolphin experience takes place in the body of water shown in the link below.

View Dream Resorts webcam.

Secrets Cancún Resort & Spa Cam

Previously named Le Meridien, Secrets is a European inspired Resort & Spa is surrounded by the Nichupté Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. The area offers a variety food and culture attractions. The hotel encompasses over two hundred rooms where small pets are welcome to stay. Each room which is decorated with modern and high quality accessories has at least two landline phones as well as access to the internet.

The video features three pools as well as ocean views. Plenty of seating can be seen as well as shelter from the Mexican sun. The resort offers complete a wedding package as well as a jewelry store.

View Secrets Cancún Resort & Spa webcam.

Quintana Roo Aerial Cam

Quintana Roo is surrounded by Campeche which can be seen to the west and Yucatán which is located in the northwest region. It also borders Belize as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Quintana Roo approximately covers a distance of over 16,800 square miles.  The area is prone to experiencing severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical rain storms.

The video below is of an aerial view of the Quintana Roo area.  A view of the beach can be spotted to the right and ocean views are to the left. On land several buildings and an outdoor parking structure can also be viewed in the footage.

View Quintana Roo Aerial webcam.

Playa del Carmen Beach Cam

Playa del Carmen was originally known as a fishing town is located in Riviera Maya south of Cancún. Recently development to the small town has turned it into a major tourist location. Luxury condos, restaurants, shopping structures and venues were amongst the things added to draw tourist.

The camera featured in this video is capturing beach goers as they stroll up and down the sandy white beach.  A view of the ocean can be seen on each side of the camera which is surrounded by trees.  A row of umbrella seating can also be seen in the video.

View Playa del Carmen Beach webcam.



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