According to legend the island of Maui was named by a Polynesian navigator recognized for the discovery of the Hawaiian islands after his son who was actually named as a tribute to the culture hero and ancient chief Maui according to Hawaiian mythology.

Known as the second largest island of the Hawaiian islands spanning across a distance of approximately 720 square miles, the island of Maui boasts more than thirty three exquisite and elegant public beaches filled with jewel toned black, red and white sand shores famed for surfing, windsurfing and several other exiting sports in addition to some of the best beaches found in the world for swimming and sunbathing. Most of the accessible beaches on Maui are filled with professional lifeguards, restrooms and panic facilities for the comfort and security of its visitors.

Several of the more sought-after resorts on the island traditionally offering some of the most outstanding and memorable beaches include Makena, Kaanapali, Wailea and Kapulua found on the eastern shores of the island.

Facts about Maui Beach

  • As member of the State of Hawaii Maui has  the third-highest population of the Hawaiian islands consisting of more than 144,444 people and as a world renown tourist destination Maui welcomes more than two million visitors generating in excess of three billion United Stated dollars each year.
  • Due to the narrow strip of land connecting the southeastern and northwestern volcanoes as well as the innumerable and massive valleys engraved into bot mountains the island of Maui has often been referred to as the “Valley Isle”.
  • One of the popular activities available at the over thirty three beaches and coves around the island of Maui is snorkeling.
  • The rough and asymmetrical topography of the island of Maui has been renown for producing noticeable variations in the islands climate conditions. Air current swept inland on the trade wide is redirected in several directions by the mountains, valleys and extensive open slopes allowing shores such as the Kanaha Beach Park on the island a favored destination for windsurfing.
  • Noticeably the most recognized sport on the island of Maui is surfing. Some of the recognized and routinely surfed beaches include Fleming Beach, Slaughterhouse Beach and Honolua Bay.
  • Kiteboarding and kitesurfing two of the recently developed sports on the island can be found on the increasingly popular Kite Beach where kiters can be found sharing the beach with the more predominant windsurfers.

The Sheraton Maui Beach Cam

The Sheraton Maui webcam streams to the online viewer a live and breathtaking 24 hour broadcast from the legendary “Black Rock” featuring a considerable section of the Kaanapali Beach overlooking the resort with additional views to the adjacent island of Lanai.

View The Sheraton Maui Beach Cam.

 The Westin Maui Resort and Spa Beach Cam  

The Westin Maui resort and Spa sports a controlled live webcam allowing online viewers a captivating view from the the top of the Beach Tower to enjoy an enchanted gaze of the Kaanapali Beach, the pacific Ocean and the islands of Molokai and Lanai.

View  The Westin Maui Resort and Spa Beach webcam.