Venice is one of the most popular places in the world famous as a tourist destination for attractive art and impressive architecture.

It has been 28th most visited city in whole world during the year 2006 and records show that it has been visited by more than 3 million people a year. It attracts more than fifty thousand tourists every day. Tourists regard it as one of the most beautiful and attractive visiting spots in the world.

This city situated in the northeastern Italy is entirely considered for listing as world heritage site. The place may not be considered huge by many but believe; it is. Venice is made up of many boroughs. It includes but not limited to 118 main islands and has a number of tourist spots.

Venice is the world’s only pedestrian city and is really easy to be walked. You will not find cars and there and it makes a unique and pleasant experience to walk. Many islands of the Venice are small enough to be walked across in less than a minute but only if you are not lost and that a common occurrence there.

This video presents an aerial view of Venice, Italy and captures a big proportion of inhabited area. You will see that there is a reason behind the popularity of Venice as an architectural city and why it is considered as heritage by Fine Arts societies. This video shows the peculiar architectural and building work in the Venice that makes the destination special.

Facts about Venice Beach

  • Venice is called as Venezia by Italian inhabitants of the area.
  • Aqua Alta or high water has been very common and floods the streets and lanes whenever water rises above the level of squares and streets.
  • Venice has more visitors than the permanent residents.
  • Bell tower and clock tower are the architectural monuments that attract many tourists.
  • Although Venice houses restaurants of many types to offer foods famous in many parts of the world but Italian Pizzerias are more popular.

Grand Canal, Venice

Grand Canal is the major pathway for water traffic in Venice, Italy. You can travel to far off places via various modes of transportation provided. You may like to travel by public water buses or may choose private water taxis. Many tourists find it interesting to travel by gondola.

View Grand Canal Venice webcam.

Jesolo Beach

This is a famous town in Venice, Italy. Jesolo lies to the north of Venice and carries an artificial canal known as Cavetta. Jesolo has been holding 6million tourists a year but presently 4.4million visit it annually.

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Venice Beach Live Webcam

This live webcam offers a wide field view of Venice beach. It is live and you can pan the view to observe the site from your preferred angle and may zoom in and out. You can view Venice Beach live 24/7.

View Venice Beach Live Webcam.

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